Social Networking PHP Code

Open source (MIT license) PHP software for social networking.

Create your own social network from scratch, zero dependency on any other PHP libraries or any existing social networks.

All you need is a PHP web server (on Mac or Linux preferably) and MySQL.


Create your own social network

Create a social network in minutes, a drop-in replacement for Wordpress and other CMS software. If you're determined to capture signups, user engagement, forums and not give everything away to Facebook, Twitter, Snap, WeChat and other social networks, SV is for you.


Client Portfolio

Websites using our social networking; SV-framework & CB-CMS

Features: registration (w/captcha), profile/edit, login, friends, likes, photos, followers

Fire DJ

Fire 🔥 is place to play songs with your friends.


Boshed is an influencer agency. Guaranteed introductions™ — Bookings with one (or many) of 43,000+ influencers.

Research Upon

Search 110,000+ public companies (stocks) & private venture-backed firms, 5K+news sources, 1130 podcasts, CRM/rolodex, 5K+ foundations/associations.


Pomerce™ is a goods/artisanal marketplace, e-Commerce, warehousing & dropshipping..

Full Bars Health

FBH is a healing marketplace for health and wellness education.

Ultimate City Guides

Ultimate 44™ is a luxury bookings portal. Buy travel with ₿itcoin.


Timesara™ is a timesharing marketplace for cabins, cottages & vacation rentals.


Nuorgana is for dinner parties, and home delivery services.

New Projects

Obitsy is for memorials & celebrations, search for 10,800 famous people.

Timesara™ is a timesharing marketplace for cabins, cottages & vacation rentals.

DinoRes™ is a books rental marketplace.

Saverpass is a Bitcoin/crypto wallet. Share your dæ (ᛞ) with humanity.

Opusoft is a video recruitment platform.

HighChat is a superchat platform for donations and live video streaming.

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