Social Networking PHP Code

Open source (MIT license) PHP software for social networking.

Create your own social network from scratch, zero dependency on any other PHP libraries or any existing social networks.

All you need is a PHP web server (on Mac or Linux preferably) and MySQL.


Create your own social network

Create a social network in minutes, a drop-in replacement for Wordpress and other CMS software. If you're determined to capture signups, user engagement, forums and not give everything away to Facebook, Snap, WeChat and other social networks, SV is for you.


Our Portfolio


Boshed is a B2B marketplace for companies to find influencers. Influencer marketing is the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of the future. Collabs can be purchased for sponsored posts or recommendations.

Research Upon

RU is a business market research firm. Search 112,000+ global companies. Consumers can fill-out surveys to earn chits (Bitcoin) and discover company culture via photos from Instagram and Twitter pages. Buy anon-survey data.

Chits Bank

Chits Bank is a crypto reserve bank. Stablecoins backed 100% by Bitcoin (as chits) 1:1 can be transfered P2P via email, or withdrawn to Ethereum ICO exchanges for trading. Each chit represents 1,000 Bitcoin Satoshi.

Watt Motors

Watt is a P2P marketplace for Tesla owners. Fleet management software that will help you share out your Tesla when you're not using it and earn cash from your electric vehicle.


Nuorgana is a wholesale club for organic foods. Home food delivery services for retired seniors, health professionals and fitness coaches.

Ultimate 44

Ultimate 44 is a luxury travel community to explore cities through photography and social media. Ultimate City Guides /

Other New Projects
Voluntuya is an app for student volunteers.

Smoke is an app to build your own car club and collect dues from members.

Fire DJ mobile app is for bars.

Social Networking as a CMS software

Every user will have their own URL instantly at your web domain, and you'll own the data.

Why give it all away to existing social networks? Mine big data yourself.
They'll only turn around and sell you back your own data with their advertising solutions to monetize what's rightly yours.
Crowdsourced big data provided by people on the Internet can be yours, own the social network!


Launch my own social network

Buy the MIT open source, more than 825 hours of programming, that's $1/hour.

$825 USD

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